The Errepi company was founded in San Giustino in 1987 from an idea of founding member Roberto Rossi who began his activities in the label’s world whit his wife Francesca Pierini. The idea of manufacturing the machinery for the production of labels was born from an idea of Roberto Rossi, then Francesca Pierini became the Administrator and this small company took the name of Errepi, from the union of the initials of the two surnames.

The first product placed in the market was Rotor, an automatic rewinder that, thanks to its easiness automation and its reliability, immediately received considerable appreciation from the first customers. Means of this primary success and positive rating of growing number of customers, Errepi fits into the wide world of labels and packaging.

Due to technical staff increase and support, motivation and positive feedback of many users, enthusiasm and desire to improve and expand the product offering, Errepi produced a new automatic rewind destined to make the history of the company: Leonardo, in honor of the greatest Italian genius.

Errepi's initial success in the world is largely due to "Leonardo", appreciated for its semplicity, efficienty and reliability. The ambition to export the "Made in Italy" all over the world is also demonstrated by the choice to use the names of the greatest Italian geniuses and artists for each machine produced: in addition to Leonardo there are Dante, Michelangelo, Galileo, Giotto, Raffaello, Volta.

In 2008 also joined in the Errepi staff Arianna Rossi, the daughter of Roberto and Francesca, while the products offer grows thanks to the development and creation of innovative and functional to customer needs machinery.

The technological innovations and the result gained over the time have allowed the company to be considered advanced in the production and finishing of printed field.

Products efficiency, timely customer assistance and the consideration acquired have allowed to Errepi to discover new markets and to be present on all continents.

The company, aware of the goals achieved and the estimate that it enjoys in the field, considers essential to invest in the upgrade of its machinery and the pursuit of excellence in an increasingly cutting-edge market.

Errepi in 2022 celebrates its 35th year of activity. The pride of having made know this small Umbrian company and the satisfaction of serving the best label makers in the world are the engine that drives us every day to set increasingly ambitious goals and to allocate investments that aim to grow and improve the company.

The Errepi founder, Roberto Rossi, confirms the goals of the future: “The next few years will be characterized by development of new machineries and evolution of historical products. Our company must continue to offer high performance in all the world and pursue its winning story. Our success is generated by passion and commitment that each of our collaborator puts into their work every day and from the support of our customers who have chosen Errepi since 1987, without which we would have not obtained the award and the appreciations we are proud of”.

Roberto Rossi and Francesca Pierini would like to thank all customer, suppliers, employees who are working with Errepi, aware that the great performances of the company depend on the daily activity of every single person who collaborates with us.


It all began in 1987, thanks to a simple intuition tha allowed us to start the process of manufacturing machines for labels. We started with the construction of the first machine: the automatic rewinder Rotor, which allowed us to make our brande know in Italy and in many European countries. The continuous modifications based on customers' suggestions and the research for the most advanced mechanics and electronics made it possible to present Leonardo on the label market.

Every year, I personally install this machine in many countries around the world and I am proud to say that we have designed a real gem that we deliver to our customers. The presence of the Leonardo on every continent reminds me of the early days of our company, when, I and the Errepi staff tried with dedication and enthusiasm to develop what would become the flagship product of our company.

Leonardo is the flagship of our company: it is ideal for rewinding labels (and not) in rolls. It guarantees a very high-quality standard, high performances and ease of use. Many companies all over the world continue to rely on its performances, but that is not all: we are planning further improvements to Leonardo and for some time now we have been presenting TIberino, a compact rewinder with the same technology and purpose.

Another great success is Vittoria, our core cutter machine with double circular blade cutting syustem patented by Errepi. It is a real technological jewel, the result of years of research and innovation. It is an ideal machine to obtain cardboard or plastic cores of different diameters and lenghts according to your needs. The productivity and the automatisms eliminate the presence of an operator in the production process, while the storage of the cores allows to save space and stock. For those who want to limit the initial costs, there is the Vittorino, smaller but with the same purposes as the Vittoria.

We also offer the Volta and Archimede rewinders, the Galileo printing machine, the Giotto inspection machine and the Dante rewinder machine.

Our strenght lies in the customisation of our machines. Adapting each machine to the customer's needs is crucial for us to ensure the best satisfaction and production capacity. In addition, it allows us to implement innovations that allow us to grow and to increase the level of automation in the production process.

The support we provide before and after the sale is another point of strength. In fact, during the most difficult period of the pandemic, we enhanced remote support to ensure maximum assistance to all ou customers.

In recent years, we have benn recruting new employees with the right mix of decreasing average age and increasing competence. We have also invested in the expasion of our production area: all of this reflects our company's desire to grow, to offer our customers the best and to reach countries where we are not yet present. Our next goals are to automate the packaging of the finished product. If necessary, we will ttrack and coide the product in all its functions for the automated packaging.

We are a small company, in a small town, in a small region: I consider it a great success and a source of pride to be able to export Made in Italy machines to every corner of the world. I hope that Errepi will continue to be appreciated and respected by all its customers, that it will maintain a high level of automation and technology, and that it will continue to guarantee this level of customer service that is a strenght of our company.

The history of Errepi is inextricably linked to our family and will continue to be so for a long time to come, thanks to the presence of Arianna Rossi in the company for some years now: her presence, and that of some of our historical partners, is a sign of continuity that I consider very important.

My dream is to celebrate 50 years of activity with our customers in connection from all over the world and with our suppliers and partners: if Errepi has achieved extraordinary results, it is thanks to all those who believed in this project started in 1987.

Moreover, the great success achieved by our company would not have been possible without an essential figure, the Administrator Francesca Pierini: my special thanks goes to her.