Errepi was founded in 1987 from an idea of founding member Roberto Rossi that in the early 90's with his wife Francesca began his career in the world of labels offering as first product the automatic rewinder Rotor, which has from the beginning a considerable success for its simplicity and reliability.

The success and positive feedback of many users, made Errepi well-known in the wide world of labels and packaging.
Satisfayinfg the demands of our customers, willing to grow and expand our product range, supported by our technical team, we have produced over the years to follow along with the new automatic rewind (Leonardo), other top quality machineries.
In 2008 the company changed and also Roberto´s daughter Arianna joined the Errepi staff.

Technological innovations continued and today we can define us pioneers in the various fields of the production and finishing of printed products.
Errepi is very active on the worldwide market and able to follow constantly the customer to guarantee the full functionality of our products


2000FlorenceITALY: we show the 3 colours Planet machine and we enter in the South American market.

2001RomexpoBucarestROMANIA: we show the Rotor 350mm rewinder and we enter in the Romanian market.

2002VeronaITALY: we introduce to the market the machine for blank labels moine with the rewinder Rotor 350mm.

2003: “Paris Exibition on labels”, FRANCE: we show the 4 colours Planet with our rewinder Rotor 350mm. We enter in the Russian market.

2004RomexpoBucarestROMANIA: we show a new version of the machine for blank labels moine with the rewinder Rotor 350mm. We enter in the Moroccan and Turkish markets.

2005Open HouseSan GiustinoITALY: we show the 5 colours Planet with the automatic no stop turret rewinder Speedy Rotor 350mm. We enter in the Indian market.

2006 “Etiketka/labelshow”, MoscowRUSSIA. We enter in the Ukrainian and Byelorussian markets.

2007 “Medprint”, RomeITALY: we introduce the 2 colours shaftless machine Reflex 350mm with hot/cold foil and the inspection machine Univer 350mm. We enter in the Lithuanian market.

2007LabelexpoBruxellesBELGIUM: we show the machine for blank labels 450mm and we introduce our automatic no stop turret rewinder Speed Rewinder 350mm. We also introduce the cores cutter machine “Speedy Cutter 1600”. 

2008Open HouseSan GiustinoITALY: we show the new inspection machine model: “Tutor 350mm”. We enter in the French and Hungarian markets.

2009: “Converflex”, MilanITALY: we introduce the compact die cutter “Dante 350”, the automatic no stop turret rewinder “Leonardo” , the inspection machine “Giotto 350” and we show the “Speedy Cutter 1600”. We enter in the Armenian market.

2009LabelexpoBruxellesBELGIUM: we show the Dante 350 and the automatic no stop turret rewinder Leonardo 350. We enter in the Spanish market.

2010Open HouseSan GiustinoITALY: we introduce the Leonardo 520mm with the systems to start the rolls without glue and to close the rolls by printed labels and the semi-automatic cores cutter Vittoria.

2011: we present in Labelexpo 2011 the compact die cutter "R-Dante 330" with the electronic register mainteinance of the pre-printed webs, the modular flexo printing machine " Galileo 500" with 2 printing unit UV, the automatic NON STOP turret rewinder "Leonardo 500" without glue, the automatic core cutter machine " Vittoria 1600" and the inspection machine "Giotto 330". We enter in the Israelian market.

2015: ERREPI SRL obtains success at “Label Expo 2015”, also succeeding in making sales during the exhibition, in addition to enrich considerably the contacts list.

2016: through a technologic improvement, that permitted us to optimize the performance of our machines, and the consolidation of the relationships with old and new contacts, Errepi SRL succeeded in obtain a great increase of the sales in the first 2016 semester. We are working on studying new projects with the aim of making our machines better more and more and for the purpose of expand our products range, so that we could open the door also to a new costumers category.

2017: receiving a great success at "Label Expo 2017", Errepi opens two new markets: in China and in Uzbekistan.