Automatic Rewinder

The automatic non-stop turret rewinder is the ideal machine to increase the company productivity: it can rewind from 3 to 5 cycles per minute (depending on the material and the roll lenght). The Errepi automatic non-stop turret rewinders are functional and efficient and represent the most popular and best selling product of our company.

LEONARDO is the most requested machine for its simplicity and efficiency, thanks to praticality of the settings and continuous monitoring of the production process. The highest technological level of its components and the very high productivitu standards achieved allow it to be considered at the forefront in the international panorama of the label equipments. Leonardo is built in two versions:
. with glue, called "hidden glue", does not leave any rest on the line (it remains on the cores).
. glueless, patented products that does not use adhesives.

The TIBERINO is the new entry level model of the Errepi automatic rewinder range. While fully mantaining the technology and purpose of the Leonardo, it is more accesible to the market thanks to the elimination of a series of mechanical options (needed only by customers who must carry out specific jobs with roll closure using labels and/or with infra-label cutting). Tiberino immediately found great appreciations for the productive capacities, for the quality standards and for the possibility of containing the initial investment.