The goal that Errepi has is to achieve customer’s satisfaction. 
We believe that the best service that our customers need is a rapid and efficient response when needed.

Errepi offers to its customers specialized technicians, both electronic andmechanical ones, that can solve either by telephone or with on site actions eventual machine failures, all supported by a ready to send replacement parts stock, ensuring continuity of production and always finding the optimal solution.

Errepi - Support

Tel. +39 075 856310
Fax. +39 075 8560150 for technical problems for electronic problems 



The crisis and the general difficulties that the market is going through does not make us indifferent to our customers or potential ones.
Within the limits of our possibilities and if there are certain conditions and guarantees, we may grant preferential forms of payment.

Our administrative office under the responsibility of Mrs. Francesca is always available to evaluate or support with you the best choice, and if necessary to help identifying an alternative leasing or financing.
Our administrative office in this period of globalization and ever increasing challenges has to be an ideal partner to face in the best way investments,financial planning and financial disbursements.

Errepi - Administration

Tel. +39 075 856310
Fax. +39 075 8560150