Michelangelo 380-450-530

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The automatic rewinder “Michelangelo” is the simpler and cheaper version of Leonardo.

It guarantees a high quality of rewinding maintaining large production standards. Very easy to use thanks to the touch screen operation panel, it is composed by two rewinding shafts, with format changes extremely fast without any mechanical adjustment.

It can rewind cores of all diameters included between 18 mm and 76 mm; it allows to obtain finished rolls up to 400mm external diameter with a number of labels settled by the operator.

The machine can be the rewinding unit of an Errepi die-cutting / printing machine or can be electronically connected to any other machine, being itself as an independent machine with speed detection managed by encoder.

Technical Data Sheet
Paper width 380 mm450 mm530 mm
Rewinding shaft diameter 350 mm350 mm350 mm
Speed with shafts Ø 76 mm up to 200 m/min200 m/min200 m/min
Counterpoints for the shafts stability optionaloptionaloptional
Automatic unloading of the end rolls optionaloptionaloptional
Rolls closing with blank/printed labels as optional optionaloptionaloptional
Electronic system to detect the upstream machine movement