Giotto 350-470-530

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The inspection machine Giotto has been created to satisfy the needs of our more demanding customers.

The high accuracy of the mechanical processing and the top level managing software make the inspection machine suitable for the finishing and rewinding of any material and product obtaining high quality finished rolls.

Available in 350-470mm paper width model and now also in 530mm model with double steel frame, it can rewind with single or double shaft and it can work with 25mm to 152mm ID cores. The rewinding of the rolls is handled electronically through servo motors, guaranteeing high accuracy of the paper tension and of
the lines movements and offering the possibility to adjust the tension as you like.

The finishing and inspection phases are made with high speed and they can be done also with transparent materials.

The touch screen control panel permits to settle easily the working parameters of the machine with an user-friendly interface.

The control board with microprocessor allows to
settle the metric counter and/or the labels counter, the speed and the rewinding tension, the error detection with stopping in paper joint position and the report of the kind of error. The
motorized waste removal is a further optional. The managing software permits to monitor the production process, data storage and retrieval of the work.

The longitudinal cutting unit with blade/counter blade system, handy and removable, simplifies the task of adjusting the blades, reducing the wear thanks to self-sharpening.

Giotto is a simple machine and requires no particular maintenance; arranged to work with missing labels inspection and waste / paper joint / flag presence inspection through our photocell system or to work with any kind of printing quality inspection camera that the customer wants to install.

Upon request various options are available. It is a machine recommended to all companies that want to refine their
finishing department.

Technical Data Sheet
Paper width 350 mm470 mm530 mm
Maximum mother web diameter 800 mm800 mm1200 mm
Max diameter of the end rolls 350 mm optional 600 mm350 mm optional 600 mm350 mm optional 600 mm
Max diameter of the 2° shaft end rolls 350 mm350 mm350 mm
Diameter rewinding shafts 25,4 mm - 152 mm25,4 mm - 152 mm25,4 mm - 152 mm
Rewinding direction straight / reverse Ribobinatura interna/esterna
Speeds up to 300 m/min300 m/min300 m/min
Inspection systems optionaloptionaloptional
Slitting blades included 688
N° 1 die cutting unit as optional
2nd web guide as optional (before the inspection)
Pneumatic arm to hold and share the lines
Photocells to detect the “flag” and the paper joint
Meters/Labels counter with automatic slowing down