Galileo 270-380-450-530 (Neutra)

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The Errepi die cutter machines allow to work any material, fadhesive and no adhesive paper and plastic film.
Strength, jobs accuracy and modularity are the main features of our lines.

GALILEO has been subject to continuous improvements, which have improved not only the design but also the convenience for the operator in the various stages of starting up the machine.
The modularity of the lines allows to switch from the basis for blank labels to a multi-colour configuration through a variety of accessories.

In the “R-Galileo” models, with servo-drive motors for each unit, it is possible to make second pass die cutting with a perfect register maintenance.

Who buys the basic machine knows that could increase it at any time; this versatility allows the customer to minimize the initial cost through targeted investments and to easily follow the evolution of the market, thereby enabling the user to catch the opportunities that modern globalization offers.

Technical Data Sheet
Paper width 270 mm380 mm450 mm530 mm
Die cutting width 260 mm370 mm430 mm500 mm
Min/Max die cutting development 7,5” / 24”7,5” / 24”7,5” / 24”7,5” / 24”
Maximum mother web diameter 800/1200 mm800/1200 mm800/1200 mm1200 mm
Speeds up to 150 m/min150 m/min150 m/min150 m/min
Predisposition to install the electronic register