Tiberino 380

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"Tiberino" is the entry-level model of ERREPI non-stop automatic rewinder range. While fully maintaining the technology and purpose of "Leonardo", it is more accessible to the market thanks to the elimination of a series of mechanical options needed only by customers who must carry out specific jobs with roll closure using label and/or with infra-label cutting.

It can rewind in cores of different diameters from 25 to 76 mm (from 50 to 152 mm in the out of standard model), and allows to obtain finished rolls with outside diameter up to 250 mm (up to 450 mm in the out of standard model) with a length predefined by the operator.

The format changes are set by the operator panel, and the special coupling of the shafts allow quick and easy changeover (only 5 minutes!!!).

Tiberino can be connected to any machine, printing and not, with a speed detection managed by an encoder. In its out of standard version, it is the only model in Errepi non-stop automatic rewinder range that allows the use of rewinding shafts with a diameter up to 152 mm and to obtain finished rolls with an external diameter up to 450 mm.

Technical Data Sheet
Paper width 380 mm380 mm
End roll Max diameter 250 mm450 mm
Rewinding shaft diameter 25,4 mm- 76 mm50 mm - 120 mm
Speed up to 120 m/min120 m/min
Cutting and starting of the rolls without slow down includedincluded
Automatic adjustment of the working diameter from the touch screen control panel
Different cores loaders systems as optional
Automatic unloading of the end rolls
Electronic system to detect the upstream machine movement