Vittorino 1600-2000

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"VITTORINO" is the economic version of the cores cutter machine, ideal for those who want to hold the purchase price, maintaining the high production standard of theautomatic model.

As Vittoria, also Vittorino is available in the size 1600 and 2000 mm and is equipped with a double circular blade ERREPI patented system that, holding the minimum dust residues, permits to obtain an excellent result even using "no perfect" tubes.

The touch screen control panel settings and intuitive and the format changings are very fast (only 3 minutes!!!).

Technical Data Sheet
Length of the tube to cut 1600 mm2000 mm
Maximum length of the cutting 170 mm170 mm
Tube ID 25 mm - 76mm25 mm - 76 mm
Cutting speed per minute 1515
Optional: automatic unloading of the tubes to cut from the magazine
Automatic unload of the produced cores