Cores Cutter Machines

"Vittoria" is the ideal machine to obtain at any time plastic or cardboard cores of various diameters and lengths.
It allows avoiding cores storage and thus savings in operating costs.
The high productivity and automation systems exclude the presence of the operator in the production process making possible to amortize the initial cost of the machine in a short term.

The cores cutter machine designed by Errepi is a winning bet of our company and it is not by chance called "Vittoria" due to the positive feedback received by the biggest label manufacturers. Available in semi-automatic and fully automatic version for cores made of cardboard and polyethylene up to 10mm, tubes length to cut in sizes 1600mm and 2000mm, cores cut up to 330mm of length.
The cutting system with double circular blade ensures a clean and precise cut, minimizing powder residuals. 
The machine for its practicality is particularly suitable also for those who have frequent exchange measures problems, with simple automatic settings, set via a Touch-Screen panel.
The machine is equipped with internal diameters supports from 25 mm to 76 mm, other cutting diameters can be produced on request.

"Vittoria" is an indispensable equipment for any company needs to:

  • Finished product quality
  • Immediate availability of the core on the wanted size
  • Total reduction of warehouse space
  • Total elimination of unusable and / or unused product
  • Daily and / or weekly schedule of the cuts with division of the cut product and its identification.