Automatic Rewinder

The automatic no stop turret rewinder "Leonardo" is the ideal machine to rewind label rolls ensuring high performance, increased productivity and ease of use.
It can rewind cores of different diameters from 20 to 76 mm, and allows you to rewind finished rolls up to 350mm external diameter with a label content in default number set by the operator.
The job changes are set by the operator panel, and they are quick and easy (5 minutes!) thanks to the only mechanical adjustment needed: the changing of the shafts.

"Leonardo" has reached high standards of productivity and leading technology and it is built in two versions:

  • with a so called "hidden" Glue that leaves no residue in the material; 
  • without glue, a patented system that does not use any glue, closing roll through label, neutral or printed for the transcription of variable data. 

The starting and the closing of the lines to the cores is handled automatically by the machine. 
The rewinding of the rolls is electronically controlled by brushless motors, ensuring high precision to the band tension and movement, and providing desired management capabilities of the tension.

"Leonardo" is equipped with a touch-screen panel that allows you to easily set the parameters of the machine with a user-friendly interface. It can be connected to any machine, printing and non, with a speed detection managed by an encoder.
It can be equipped with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic cores loaders, depending on your needs. Paper width: 330mm and 500mm.
"Leonardo" is the most popular and best-selling machine of our company,simpleefficient e very productive
Practical to set and with a continuous monitoring of the production process.